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NANTU envisages a quality education system to which all Namibians have equal access, derive benefit from and which functions in an educational policy and regulatory environment in which the teachers can develop their full potential and perform and deliver to a maximum in the interest of the personal and professional advancement and growth of all Namibians.

Mission Statement

NANTU is a national democratic, autonomous, non-sexist, non-racial teacher's union catering for the professional, social and economic needs of its members and influencing and enhancing the education system.


To unite all teachers in Namibia in one respected, representative and self-reliant union which
is able to broadly and effectively represent its members interest and provide them with reliable and appropriate services.


NANTU Constitution

NANTU STRUCTURE - Aims & Objectives


NANTU Membership New Application Form

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NANTU Gender Policy

NANTU HIV & AIDS Workplace Policy

HIV Flyer & Poster

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